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As we conduct investigations, we like to post findings of which we cannot easily explain.


Below you will find both video and audio clips from various investigation we have conducted. Although there is not much posted on our site, we have investigated many many locations.


Although TV shows gather tons of evidence, the harsh reality of ghost hunting is you really do not get much. Most of what we find we were able to debunk scientifically as not being paranormal. BUT, as you will see below, somethings we just cannot explain.

We hope you enjoy!

Haldeman Mansion Investigation 4/8/17

Bainbridge, PA

Disembodied Voice

EVP that we collected in a Civil War Field Hospital. July 10, 2016

Gettysburg, PA

Homestead Orphanage 4/9/17

Gettysburg, PA

K2 Interaction

Les' Breakdown on Track Found

November, 2013

Weatherly, PA

Casting Tracks Part 1

Weatherly, PA

Casting Tracks Part 2

Weatherly, PA

Daniel Steward Farm 4/9/17

Gettysburg, PA

Attack of the Ghost Cat!

Possible Sasquatch Call caught

around 12:30 a.m. 10/16/2015

Weatherly, PA

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