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Xplorer's Seekers of the Truth LIVE SHOW

Aside from investigations, founders Les Sincavage and Chad Charlesworth co-host an

online talk show which is hosted on Facebook via the BeLive.tv application.
The shows are held every Thursday night @ 8:30 est.


Below you will find archives of the previously recorded live shows for your viewing pleasure. If of some reason you are having difficulties viewing here, please click the YouTube icon in the top right corner of the page. It will take you directly to our You Tube Channel which also houses our previously recorded shows. We hope you enjoy!

Episode #1 Welcome Back/Ghosts of Gettysburg

Episode #2 Bigfoot

Episode #3 Poltergeist

Episode #4 Mothman w/ Jeff Wamsley

Episode #5 Goatman

Episode #6 Paranormal Investigations

Episode #7 Lake Monsters of the Celtic Isles

Episode #8 All Hallows Eve Special

Episode #9 Phantom Hitchhikers

Episode #10 What's up for 2018?

Episode #11 Fouke Monster w/ Lyle Blackburn

Episode #12 Paranomal Investigations:

Is Ghost Hunting getting too Hi-Tech?

Episode #13 Paranormal America Book Review

Episode #14 Werewolves, Dogman and Bigfoot?

Episode #15 The mystery of the Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square

Episode #16 Living Dinosaur Mokele-Mbembe

Episode #17 Close Encounters of the 7 Kinds?

Episode #18 Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Encounters with Special Guest Thomas Sewid

Episode #19 Is there Love after Death?

Episode #20 The Mystery of Phantom Cats

Episode #21 The Legend of the Jersey Devil

Episode #22 The Blood Thirsty Tale of the Chupacabra

Episode #23 Ken Gerhard Interview

Episode #24 Personal Paranormal Experiences

Episode #25 The Beast of Bray Road and Dogman with Linda Godfrey

Episode #26 Squatch on the Farm

Episode #27 Beasts of Britain with Special Guest Andy McGrath

Episode #28 Personal Paranormal Stories (Rest Haven Nursing Home)

Episode #29 The Hunt for the Yeti

Episode #30 The Orang Pendek

Episode #31 Personal Paranormal Stories -

Part 3.

Episode #32 Alien Abductions (The Barney and Betty Hill Case)

Episode #33 Flying Cryptids

Episode #34 St. Albans Sanatorium

Episode #35 The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Episode #36 Yowie, Lights and a Sanatorium

Episode #37 Andy McGrath and the Beasts of Britain

Episode #38 Black Eyed Kids

Episode #39 Southern Sasquatch

Episode #40 2nd Annual Halloween Show

Episode #41 American Dyatlov Incident

Episode #42 Keckburg, PA UFO Crash

Episode #43 The Big Bad Bunny

Episode #44 Bigfoot in Western PA

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