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As we conduct investigations, we use certain tools to try and validate occurrences as something rational. We take every measure to prove something "Normal" before we say it is OR MAY BE paranormal.


Below you will find links to some of the top gear used by most investigators in the field. They are the same as what you see on TV and we have put them all to the test while conducting our own paranormal investigations. The items we list on our site are what WE FEEL render the best scientific results in our investigations.


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K-II EMF Meter

While conducting a paranormal investigation, a researcher relies on a particular set of tools that they use to help them scientifically validate and/or debunk the presence of paranormal activity. An EMF detector is the #1 tool most researchers rely on. This is what we use - Order yours now through our affiliate link below.

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

DO NOT let the cheesy design and name fool you… the Ghost Meter is an valuable tool to have in your tool box. It acts like the K2 Meter in that it can detect electromagnetic fields and lights up. However, it also includes an audible sound that detonates when an electromagnetic field is detected. The closer you get to the field, the louder and more rapid the sounds and light react. You can increase or decrease the sounds with a sound dial on the side of the device. It also has a needle baring frequency range to aid in indicating the amount of electromagnetic energy you're coming in contact with. Highly recommend this device!

Mel 8704R Paranormal Ghost Hunting 3 in 1 Instrument

This is the standard Mel Meter 8704R.It is basically a 3-in-1 tool used to capture EMF readings as well as read current temps and record the fluctuations between the high and low temps. The Mel has digital readout precision pf Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) displayed on a red back-lit screen for night-vision. The Mel Meter has built in Ambient Temperature. Both EMF's and Temps have the ability to record High and Low. One can leave the meter and go away and come back and see what lowest temp was and highest EMF reading for instance. The meter also has a built in flashlight. The Mel meter also has a burst mode which samples the EMF fields faster, focusing all the capacity of the meter on EMF and then turning off the Temperature meter. This is a tool we keep in our tool box and never go on an investigation without it.

Ghost EMF Detector Array - 6 Pieces

These unique REM pods are cool pieces to have in your investigation tool box. They are a very simple design and have a very simple function. They detect any kind of electromagnetic activity that comes within range of their antenna. We found they have about a 6-12 inch range around the unit. These are cool to set next to a static cam that can help indicate activity in areas you may not be in. You can also use them to try and interact with a spirit by getting them to come within the units sensitivity range. Try them for yourself and let us know how they work for you!

REM POD ATDD Radiating EM Antenna

This is another tool we use during investigations. Ii is designed to pump electromagnetic energy into th e air. This is believed to give a spirit the energy it needs to manifest into an apportion or move something and/or makes sounds. We are still up in the air on how well it works. The one we have is very noisy so it does make listening to EVP's a little more difficult, BUT on a couple occasions when using this device we have captured clear EVP's. We recommend trying it and seeing how well it works for you.

 Trigger Prop Proximity Sensor Alarm REM Pod

This is a GREAT tool to have when investigating locations that had spirit activity of children. Not only does it entice a child to want to play with it, it has features that aid the researcher to see if there are spirits around as well as enable the researcher to use the device to interact with the spirit. the built-in proximity sensor alarm REM POD Like device detects if something is near and responds with audio alarm. Proximity audio alarm is 100 decibels and sounds when something is close. Sensitivity range is up to 6 inches.

Sony ICD-PX440 Stereo IC Digital Voice Recorder Built-in 4GB and Direct USB

One of the most important devices to have in any investigation is a digital voice recorder. They can be used when interviewing a witness, taking field notes during and after investigations and most importantly, they can be used to capture and record disembodied voices or EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). We have and use multiple recorders during all our investigations and have the most success with capturing evidence with. This can be used in conjunction with the Orbiter Electronic Listening Device. Any digital recorder you decide to buy. Make sure you get one with a direct to USB connection to ensure you can download your evidence directly to you computer to store and review anytime you want.

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

This is a really cool device right here…. We use this one in particular for outdoor investigations primarily when we are following up on reports of Bigfoot. It is also a good device to use for ghost hunting as well. It is designed to amplify sounds up to 300 yards away. It is VERY clear and Very sensitive. You can also attached an EVP recorder to it via a 1/8 male to male cable. You can connect headphones as well to aid in either detecting sounds from a distance when out in the woods OR for hearing EVP's in real time. I LOVE this device. There are several others out there, but this will not break your bank and does a very fine job at capturing sounds you would regularly not hear.

HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

You can't go wrong with buying one of these! They are great for detecting cold spots in rooms and on furniture which are thought to be paranormal entities. They are also a good tool for finding those cold leaks in your house around doors and windows.  Please see our affiliate link below - all proceeds go towards our group.

P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device - 2015 Version

P-SB7 Spirit Box is a cool little device that is designed to sweep through radio stations at a rapid rate mixed with slight white noise. It is believed that spirits can use this device to speak to the person operating it. It does take time to find that happy medium where you can tell what is radio and what is not. We find that once you get a voice talking to you, it seems to have a more constant tone and not that choppy "radio" sound. Order yours now and see for yourself. Let us know what you find.

Spirit Box SB11 Ghost Hunting Equipment Radio Sweep Ghost Box

The P-SB11 ITC Device, also known as the SB11, is the most advanced "Spirit Box" on the market. Released to the public in the early fall of 2014 the P-SB 11 has been seen tested by paranormal researchers and used on U.S. Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures by Paranormal Investigator Zak Bagans and his team. The results have been most fascinating and extraordinary. The SB11 has proven to outperform other ghost boxes thanks to that it sweeps Radio Frequencies faster and has Dual Sweep and Forward and a Reverse Sweep function. The Ambient Temperature meter shows changes to colder or warmer temp which is great for determining a co-relation of a deviation in temperature when a suspected spirit voice is picked up. It also helps you further to keep your hands free and investigating in dark environments through the built in night vision friendly red LED Flashlight. Make sure you always record with video or/and a voice recorder when you use the P-SB11 so that you can go back and analyze the suspected spirit voice further. When new features are developed, you can purchase an upgrade to the P-SB11 without having to buy a new P-SB.

Intuitive Doodlebug Dowsing Rod Set

Dowsing rods are a tool that have been used for centuries to aid in finding underground water sources. Underground water produces and energy that makes the rod cross each other when you are over top of the water source. The same principle applies when using them in a paranormal investigation. You can ask questions to a spirit and have them manipulate the rods in such a way to answer simple questions. We use them in our investigations and feel they are a good tool to have in yours!

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with "Ghost Tech" Spy Gear

Includes everything you need to get started in paranormal research

EMF Meter, Motion Sensor, Infrared Pen Type Thermometer, EVP Recorder, Geo-phone and case

All items selected for simplicity and ease of use

Get started right out of the box

Includes best selling how-to book: "Ghost Tech" whichs helps you get started

SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card

When conducting investigations, it is imperative to collect your video data to a reliable device. That is why we rely on SanDisk memory cards to ensure our evidence does not vanish much like the subjects we try to capture. Make sure when you purchase a card, you get a class 10 card.

Great choice for compact to mid-range point and shoot cameras

Twice As Fast As Ordinary SDHC Cards, Allowing You To Take Pictures And Transfer Files Quickly

Exceptional video recording performance with Class 10 rating for Full HD video (1080p)

Quick transfer speeds up to 80MB/s and Waterproof, temperature-proof, X-ray proof, magnet-proof, shockproof

10-year limited warranty

LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 2TB

I rely on the LaCie Rugged Drive in both my professional and personal careers. There is no comparison to its ability to handle an on-the-go lifestyle without loosing your data like so many "other" portable drives do.

2TB Storage Capacity

USB 3.0 for Universal Connectivity

Bus Powered for Total Mobility

Thunderbolt Speeds of up to 387 MB/s

AED 256-Bit Software Encryption

APEMAN Trail Camera with Infrared Night Version

This hunting camera is designed to take photos and videos of wildlife, capturing every brilliant movement of them. Detect sudden changes to the ambient temperature of wildlife and get more fun. You also can use it as a surveillance system for home security.

Package Included

Hunting Camera

Mounting Belt

Wall mount

USB Cable

Instruction Manual

Master Lock Trail Camera Adjustable Cable Locks

One of the worst things that can happen to an investigator is to have his gear stolen from them in the field. I know that when I am following up on an investigation at a location that has had excessive activity, I would leave my trail cams out for days to sometimes weeks at a time to try and gather as much evidence as I can. This leaves your gear totally vulnerable to thieves. But with these cable locks, your gear will stay safe while you are away.

Stealth Cam Memory Card Storage Case

Do you have a bunch of memory cards laying around? Tired of always losing them and having to spend more money on replacements? Well here is your solution...

The Stealth Cam Memory Card Storage Case holds 12 Micro SD/12 SD cards water resistant hard protective shell made of ABS plastic ergonomic shaped locking system.

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